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Maxalt is produced by the drug manufacturer Merck & Co. and is a prescription medication used in the treatment of migraine headaches. It is a brand name for the generic medication Rizatriptan. Maxalt, like most of the other drugs developed for the treatment of migraines, is not able to prevent their occurrence, but is extremely effective at stopping a migraine once it has started so the painful symptoms can be forgotten and normal routines can be resumed. Maxalt works by acting on one of the neurotransmitters in the brain, specifically Serotonin, and controlling just how much of it is present.

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Serotonin is responsible for blood flow through the small vessels of the head and brain. The level of Serotonin tells these blood vessels whether to dilate and let more blood through or to constrict and reduce the blood flow. The cause of migraines is not precisely understood but is believed to directly relate to the blood flow through these small vessels. Maxalt controls the Serotonin levels so that the blood flow is returned to a normal state. Some professionals also believe that Maxalt affects how the brain perceives pain and is able to block the impulses from nerve cells that would signify pain to the brain and can therefore also reduce migraine symptoms in this manner.

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